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Coconut Milk – A reliable choice for every home!

Coconut Milk – A reliable choice for every home!

According to statistics, the proportion of users of dairy products is increasingly popular, in which Coconut milk suppliers recently launched by Betrimex are a lot of consumers in general attention. Not only because it is a nutritious milk product for the consumer, but Betrimex’s serious investment in quality for its plant-based beverage line has made Cocoxim the most trusted coconut milk brand. in the domestic market.

Coconut milk for the first time “released”

In the Vietnamese dairy market, consumers are so familiar and even somewhat “taunted” with animal milk such as fresh cow’s milk with little change in taste, the appearance of many products. Plant-based milk products such as milk, fruit milk and, last but not least, Coconut milk suppliers bring new experiences to consumers.

Coconut Milk Supplier

Most consumers are concerned about the quality and nutrition of dairy products rather than packaging or price. When it comes to the many nutritional benefits coconut milk can bring to the health of consumers, it is quite obvious that this product is loved. Coconut milk contains a sufficient amount of nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium … to help prevent gallbladder disease, cardiovascular diseases, digestive system and strengthen the body’s immune system. . Experts have also pointed out that coconut milk can assist in effective weight loss, beauty benefits and treatment for dermatitis and skin diseases. This is a very popular product in India, Thailand and some other countries

Unique choices like coconut milk are undoubtedly becoming a “fever” when launched in the dairy market. Currently Coconut Coconut Coconut Juice from Betrimex is one of the top quality coconut milk products in the Vietnamese market. With serious investment and continuous efforts to bring the value of coconut to new heights, CocoCom has become one of the top names in the book selection when customers think of real milk. object.

What did Betrimex do with coconut milk?

Coconut Milk Suppliers

Although the coconut water and coconut products industry has only been popular in Vietnam in recent years, the name of Betrimex, one of the most trusted suppliers and exporters of coconut water, has been consumed by many consumers. Remember. Thanks to the timely grasp of the new age trend of consuming natural and healthy beverages, and taking advantage of the favorable conditions of raw materials, Betrimex has entered the market. In the segment of dairy products of the origin and introduce coconut milk canned under the brand name Cocoxim.

The serious investment of Betrimex is reflected in the fact that this company has poured in more than US $ 20 million to build a large-scale coconut and coconut milk whitewash factory, The capacity is about 37 million liters per year. Automatic technology is applied UHT sterilization technology from Tetra Pak (Sweden) to ensure the eco-friendly environment and keep the taste of pure fresh coconut without using any preservatives or make any color.

In addition, because of the perception of safety and health products is the top of many consumers difficult, Betrimex completely implemented the strategy focused on organic “clean” materials. This creates a strong advantage for this enterprise to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Specifically, Betrimex has invested to expand and develop the “Clean” coconut material in Ben Tre through a long-term contracting program with local coconut growers, The quality of the coconut provides the plant’s production.

The company strictly adheres to the conditions of organic coconut cultivation according to the standard and has a clear training program of farming techniques for cooperative farmers. The organic coconut growing area and quality of Betrimex products have been recognized by many prestigious international standards such as EU and USDA – NOP, Halal, FDA, BRC, Kosher, etc. Coconut milk and coconut milk from Betrimex can enter the foreign market. Projections for the future of coconut milk processing and exporting industries and coconut products may not only bring profits to the firms involved, but also contribute to local economic development. the effective exploitation of coconut.

Coconut Milk Suppliers

Through this article, we hope to share more useful information on new plant milk products that receive a lot of consumer interest and a brief overview of the coconut water supplier Betrimex has launched. How to make coconut milk.

>>>>You can find more information at http://betrimex.com.vn/en/products/coconut-milk-drink

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